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Starting off the new year with great news! This morning I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Eric Kao (PT, DPT, CH), owner of The United Strengths, in his new office and delivering one of our handmade silk filigree Sepia Butterflies (size: 50x65cm; color: Silver/Blue). I met Dr. Kao through networking at the Commerce Club in Greenville, and we both bonded over the meaning of our businesses and the impact that we would love to provide to our community. After our initial conversation, Dr. Kao reached out to me with an offer stating the following:


  • “I really enjoyed learning about your business! I had an idea and wanted your thoughts on it. As you may remember, my business is physical therapy and health coaching - essentially the business of personal transformation. Your business and the meaning behind your filigree work and your butterflies (representing growth/transformation) fit perfectly with that sentiment, of course. If you were amenable to it, I’d love to display one of your pieces in my office with your contact information. I’d imagine it would resonate deeply with some of my clients who come in and some who would like to inquire more information about it and how to get in touch with you…”


Patients and visitors will have the ability to see the piece in person, acquire info about Golden Butterfly Studios, and if willing – have the opportunity to purchase the piece you see at his office, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to fund and support his efforts with The United Strengths.


I would like to personally thank Dr. Kao for the incredible opportunity once again, and I encourage all my friends and supporters to go and show him some love by liking/subscribing to his page, and if you are looking for great physical therapy services, consider scheduling your next appointment with Dr. Kao.

If you’re interested in a piece for your home/office make sure to check out our website (link below), or if you’d like to schedule a consultation towards creating your very own individual custom orders and/or any custom business orders too (business logos, creating corporate gifts, etc), feel free to reach out to us today!


- Alek Kocevski (owner of Golden Butterfly Studios)

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