Product Description: 

Design: African Queen

Color: Gold, Red, Blue 


About Design: The African Queen, or "queen mother", is a term used to describe certain leaders and women of power, often recognized in African cultures. Queen Mothers are traditional female leaders, drawn from the relevant royal lineages, who are mostly responsible for women's and children's issues. They represent women's empowerment and the strength of community. 


PRE-ORDER STATUS: This design is currently available for pre-order! We expect to ship out all final orders on this batch of product(s) towards late July/early August. You will be notified in advance from our team when your product will ship. At checkout, we kindly ask that you provide your contact information - your best email adress and phone number to reach you would be preferred! 


Gift boxes available: Gift boxes are now available for purchase of pieces of specific sizes. Please note in terms of your order, these boxes are all handmade and take on average 2-3 additional business days to complete, if not abbundantly available in our current inventory/stock. You will be notified of the completion of your gift box (via your info provided at checkout - we will either call you or send out an email), and your order will then be fully processed and sent out for delivery to you.



All orders come with

1. Certificate of Authenticity 

2. Thank you card (with discount code towards next order) 

African Queen

  • Product description

    A stunning version of our original and eleborate African Queen handmade in a beautiful gold color scheme, adorned by her ornate headress and beautiful jewelry. This piece is crafted out using the highest quality of both silk and jute threads available on the market. We currently offer a variety of size options available for this particular piece on our website, but please note that we also do accept custom orders as well. For custom orders, please do give us a call and let one of our representatives schedule a consultation with you.


    Product care

    Each piece will be placed within a high quality wood shadow box with protective glass. Please do not expose the shadow box to any areas of high moisture, humidity, or fluxes of temperature — as this may lead to a deterioration of the wood as well as possible condensation within the box itself. To clean off any dirt/dust that may accumulate on the box, we simply advise that using a dry or light damp microfibre cloth will do the job. We do not advise the use of any cleaning products as this may lead to blemishes on the glass and possible discoloration of the wood.