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About Us

Founded in Greenville, South Carolina in the summer of 2021 by young Macedonian-American entrepreneur and artist, Alek Kocevski, Golden Butterfly Studios prides itself in being the one and only business in the United States that focuses on the production, manufacturing, and distribution of handmade silk filigree décor and luxury art gifts. At Golden Butterfly Studios, when we think of unique art décor or the perfect luxury-end gift, we believe in creating a line of products that resemble the utmost perfect quality and that display a sense of charm and sophistication – whether offering our client-based services on an individual or corporate based level.

Alek Kocevski, CEO/Founder (Golden Butterfly Studios)

Customer Value 

At Golden Butterfly Studios we want to stand out by creating a luxury brand that will provide both unique and exciting handmade silk filigree pieces, while also offering affordability and impeccable value to our end customers. We take full responsibility in using the highest grade of materials in today’s market when it comes to creating all our products. Some of these materials include the utilization of different denures of multi-colored silk filigree threads and the finest Swarovski crystals used to create and also to adorn a majority of our select and intricate designs, fine-art Italian wood for all our shadow-boxes, as well as the use and incorporation of rich satin in all our hand-made gift boxes that we specially make to accompany any order.


At Golden Butterfly Studios, we want a majority of individuals and businesses/organizations to have the opportunity to collaborate with us and be able to acquire these pieces for décor in their homes and offices, or to be able to give them as gifts to loved ones, friends and family, business partners, and for special occasions. We’re enthusiastic of educating the masses about the rich history and tradition of silk filigree and we strive to offer the heirloom factor in every piece we create. With the quality of the work we're providing, we're not only assuring you something that will last a lifetime, we’re assuring you with pieces that can be considered as investments - something that will continuously appreciate in value through time. We hope that you keep in mind – when you make a purchase with us, you are not only fueling ongoing projects and visions, but you are also helping keep the timeless tradition and craftsmanship of silk filigree alive for generations to come.

Our Services 

The saying goes that “the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart”, and at Golden Butterfly Studios we believe that the gift you give should speak volumes about you and leave an everlasting impression, no matter the occasion. Every day in people’s lives there are grand moments and reasons to celebrate. From birthday parties and holiday events, weddings and anniversaries, to huge promotions and new business opportunities - a gift from Golden Butterfly Studios is the sure way to tell someone how much they mean.

At Golden Butterfly Studios it is our mission to meet the wants and needs of our customers. With that in mind, we always try to offer you something one-of-a-kind and unique. From special and limited releases, to creating personalized custom individual and corporate orders, we believe in working directly with our customers to create new and wonderfully intricate and personalized concepts. We currently offer a variety of design templates, color variations, as well as frame dimensions.


Are you an individual that wants to elevate the splendor of your home/office with something unique, elegant, and unlike what anyone else has? Is there a story, a subject, or an experience you’d like to commemorate?


Do you own a business that’s looking at creating a large and one-of-kind logo, or an overall environment in which your clients can walk into and experience something elaborate and eye-opening?


Are you an organization that wants to show the respect you have towards your top clients, donors, and your team by offering them a unique corporate gift that says “thank you” for all their hard work and generosity?


At Golden Butterfly Studios you are not limited in terms of the designs we can create for you nor towards the overall size of the pieces we can produce. You dream it, we can do it! We provide all our services on a national level, and as a proud partner of Affirm financial we offer 4-months interest free financing options on all our orders – if you have questions regarding how we may be of service to you or for your business, please feel free to give us a call or schedule your free consultation with us today!

Free Design Consultations

Have an idea or concept you would like to visualize and create as the perfect décor piece(s) or gift(s)? Call us today or schedule a consultation and let one of our experts help you today!


Learn More about our custom orders and corporate gifts policy

Nation-wide Shipping

We currently offer USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express Shipping. All shipping costs through USPS are calculated based upon standard zone rates and product weight. 

Interest-Free Financing

Make 4 interest-free payments with Affirm. When inspiration strikes, say yes with confidence – knowing you’ll never pay a penny more than your purchase price.

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