About Us

My name’s Alek Kocevski, I'm 25 years old, and I’m the founder and visionary behind Golden Butterfly Studios – the only business in the United States that focuses on the production and distribution of handmade silk filigree pieces. Being originally from Macedonia, handmade silk filigree art is a very common, traditional art form, in our country where I was mentored to do this work. I think simply it was the history (that dates back to 3000 BC), the tradition, the mystique, and the elegance of this work that inspired me to pursue this form of business. Plus, it’s always a wonderful feeling to see people’s reaction to my filigree pieces, and to always hear that “they’ve never seen anything like it before”. I want to keep this incredible tradition and all those wonderful reactions I get from people alive and going for generations to come.


Acquiring the skills of filigree craftsmanship, I knew this form of work had the potential to become something greater and that it was absolutely the time to introduce a new and unique form of art to the States. Being a resident of Greenville for well over 20 years, I knew Greenville and the upstate art community would be the perfect place for a proper introduction to filigree. With that in mind, it's quite the honor to be the only artist and business owner in the United States, and amongst one out of only a handful of people in the world that specializes in handmade silk filigree. 

“fine quality, impeccable value" 

The mission for us at Golden Butterfly Studios is that we’re trying to eliminate the continuous problem that people face in having to spend so much time and effort trying to find where to turn to in regards to finding exceptionally beautiful, high quality art pieces, at an affordable price. Whether buying for yourself in order to decorate your home/office with something elaborate, or whether you'd like to surprise your friends and loved ones with a gift that they'll cherish and remember you for a lifetime -- we make sure to put in the time, dedication and assure you the highest quality in each and every filigree piece we create.


The “heirloom factor” is something that everyone looks for when buying quality art and luxury gifts, and we are proud to say that these are pieces that you can truly invest in and give or leave behind for your next generations to love. With the quality of the work we're providing and the tradition that we're keeping alive, we're not only assuring you something that will last a lifetime, but something that will continuously appreciate in value through time. 



When we think of art, we believe it should incite some form of love or passion for the viewer, but art should also be something that your average person can afford as well. For that reason, at Golden Butterfly Studios, we want to create a luxury brand that will provide unique, one-of-a-kind, and exciting handmade silk filigree pieces, while offering affordability to the end customers. With the brand that we're trying to create, we look forward to not only having our products available through our website, but with time also through creating partnerships and getting them into large-name retail and boutique gift stores, home/interior design fronts, etc- therefore, giving us the opportunity to more exposure, collaborations, and people learning about our products and the fascinating history behind filigree. 


In the very near future of Golden Butterfly Studios, we look forward to expanding our production and also incorporating many new and intricate designs and variations to our inventory. We want to have products that will appeal to a truly vast majority of audiences, demographics, and collectors.