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It starts with a dream and it ends with a personalized artistic masterpiece and heirloom brought to life. Dive into the world of custom luxury art and fine gifting, and create pieces that tell your unique story. Start your journey in owning your very own custom luxury art piece today! 

Here's how we do it: 

1. Submit A Design Request

To begin the process in creating your custom filigree art order, please submit or request a design you’d like to be made to our team by providing all information in the project request form below. Please be as specific as you can with providing as much detailed information regarding your custom piece, such as: 

  • What is the size of the piece(s) you’d like made?

  • Do you want your custom piece made primarily of pure silver or gold wire-threads?

  • Would you like to implement the use of any secondary accent colors/threads in your design?

  • Would you like to adorn your design with any Swarovski stones? If so, what’s your preference in stone color?

  • What color of velvet backing felt would you like to frame your custom piece on?

  • Would you like to further personalize your custom piece(s) with an engraved plaque?

  • Do you have a specific deadline for when you need your custom piece(s) made?

Providing the level of detailed information in the form below allows our design team to prepare for your consultation in accordance to the requests you have made for your order, as well as to provide you with an accurate quote and lead production time.


2. Consultation & Design Visualization

Upon reviewing your custom order request, our design team will reach out to you to schedule a virtual design consultation. During this consultation, you’ll be presented first-hand with a constructive template of your design that will serve as the guiding model and backbone for visualizing all layers and intricacies of your custom piece. You’ll be given the opportunity to see and make any last-minute changes to the selection and choice of our high-quality threads, felts, and Swarovski stones you’d originally requested for your design. At this stage, we fine-tune every detail, assuring we exceed your expectations, prior to entering the full-scale production of your custom piece.

3. Production & Delivery

Once all features for your custom design have been agreed upon, our team proceeds into the production phase of your order. During the production phase, our team will consistently keep you updated and informed on the progress of your order. Upon completion, only then, do we have the distinct privilege of presenting you with your personal masterpiece and timeless heirloom! Your order will be securely packaged for transport and delivery, and our team will contact you to provide all levels of tracking information!


Whether you're looking for the perfect decor piece for your home or office or a level of personalized gifts for your friends, business partners, or clients -- at Golden Butterfly Studios we're committed to delivering exceptional pieces and an unforgettable experience. Please provide as much information as possible in the form below about your project to ensure our team can quickly put together an accurate quote. We request that you include a clear reference image of the design you'd like, as well as state the overall size of the piece(s) you want.


Please allow 1-2 business days for us to follow up with you, and so we may schedule a virtual design consultation

Reference Image

Thank you for submitting your project request. We will contact you within 1-2 business days!

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