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Our framed Silver/Red Mormon Butterfly is a breathtaking addition to any art and gift collection. The delicate silver filigree design perfectly captures the intricate beauty of this rare species, the red accents within the wings deliver an eye-catching appeal, while the Swarovski crystal head adds a touch of luxury and elegance. Each butterfly is framed within one of our Italian wood-grain shadowboxes, preserving its delicate nature for years to come. This butterfly is the perfect decor piece for any home or office, and makes for a wonderful gift for art and nature lovers or any special occasion. Available in multiple sizes and gift options! 

Framed Silver/Red Mormon Butterfly Art Gifts

PriceFrom $154.00
  • Handmade: All products are handmade utilizing our traditional, 5000 year old, silk-filigree technique. As each piece is handmade, it may vary slightly from the one pictured. While we try to minimize these slight variations from piece to piece, it is a part of the handmade artistic process. No two pieces will ever be exactly identical. Each piece we create is a piece unique!  Website photos are an example only.



    • Filigree Silk (Lurex)
    • Swarovski crystals 
    • Plush Velvet Backing 
    • Wood Shadowbox
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